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TAKE CONTROL of your weight regain after Weight Loss Surgery


Helping you boost energy, confidence & create sustainable habits...

Hi, I'm Margaret

My name is Margaret Hays and I have been working as a Dietitian for 30+ years, and I have been specialising in nutritional advice for bariatric patients for the last 10 years. 

My latest program is called Take Control after Weight Loss Surgery. It is a 4-month program designed to help you get back on track with your eating behaviours after surgery, improve your energy levels & get back to your goal weight.

Work With Margaret

Sometimes, all you need are some answers to why you are regaining the weight you've lost after your Weight Loss Surgery.

Through my programs, I not only help you find the source of the problem, but also guide you through the process of how you can Take Control over your weight regain, and be confident with your understanding towards your diet and lifestyle, & how it impacts your overall wellbeing.

Take Control Of Your Weight Regain

An impactful 6 Month Program where Margaret will hold your hand on your bariatric journey to help you take control of your nutrition and lifestyle, so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm of WLS.


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