Want to MASTER your PROTEIN intake after WLS?

✓ Feel Confident with your Protein Food Choices

✓ Know exactly how much Protein you need to eat

✓ Stop the Overwhelm of too much nutrition mis-information

✓ Take Charge of Your Life...

And live your BEST LIFE!


Want to MASTER your PROTEIN intake after WLS?

✓ Feel Confident with your Protein Food Choices
Know exactly how much Protein you need to eat
Stop the Overwhelm of too much nutrition mis-information
Take Charge of Your Life...

And live your BEST LIFE!

Hi, I'm Margaret, and through my 35+ years of being a Dietitian, I've heard stories about how many WLS clients feel lonely and overwhelmed about nutrition after surgery. You don't need to feel helpless.  Here's what I want for you... ...


There is hope! Here is your solution to Ace Your Protein Intake after WLS. 

Would you like to:

➔ Reach your weight loss goal after WLS?

➔ Prevent the dread of weight re-gain?
➔ Get back your energy to LIVE YOUR  BEST LIFE?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. You see I've spoken to countless Bariatric clients who have the best intentions to reach their weight goal but just don't know WHERE TO START. 

But how can you achieve your weight loss goal, when nothing's worked for you in the past?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy and my step by step by guidance, you'll see results! My WLS Protein Training and eBook is created to help you better understand the importance of Protein, learn practical steps to optimise your Protein intake, and witness how your life can change for the better.

Unique to your WLS journey

This Protein training has been created by Margaret Hays Bariatric Dietitian specifically for people who've had WLS. 

Important information on Protein

The hard work has been done so you have all you need to know about Protein after WLS in one place. 

Knowing how much Protein you need

I'll teach you how to calculate the amount of Protein you need according to your weight and lifestyle.

Practical guides and tips for daily choices

You'll have tips on how to choose different types of Protein-rich foods, how to read food labels, the best Protein powders to choose & more.

Protein-rich recipes to get started

You'll have 12 Protein-rich recipes in the eBook which you get to keep forever to help you get started and feel inspired to start cooking.

No more confusion and overwhelm

You'll feel confident with your food choices, gain back energy, and live the best life that you deserve after WLS!

Why would my Protein eBook & Training be your solution?

You struggle after WLS because:

➔ You are confused with all the mis-information from various sources telling you what or how to eat.

➔ You're stuck for ideas on what to eat everyday and this stresses you out.

➔ You don't know how to read food labels, you're not planning and preparing your meals because it's JUST TOO HARD.

➔ You've tried medication, gym, keto diet, shakes... but nothing seems to work.

➔ Your old eating habits are creeping back in, you're sneaking in more slider foods, night time snacking is an issue, and you're not taking care of yourself... just to name a few.

How will this training help you?

➔ You'll have all the information you need about Protein in my eBook, you won't have to do more research. 

➔ You'll learn how to optimise your Protein intake with practical guides and tips, which will increase your energy level and confidence in making food choices.

➔ You'll have my Protein eBook and 3-Day Meal Plan to keep for life so you can refer to them anytime. 

➔ You'll save time and money when you understand and implement meal planning in your daily life.

➔ You'll have a structured new game plan to reach your weight loss goal.

➔ You'll have more energy to take care of yourself and everyone else around you.

Here are 3 things I want you to remember:

You have to optimise your Protein intake for your Bariatric Tummy

With your tummy being smaller than a normal-sized tummy, you must choose the best quality Protein-rich foods available.

You can't wing it...

Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning your food intake is a must if you want to reach your Protein goal after surgery.

YOU have full control!

Trust me, this is not an impossible task. You can't ignore the importance of Protein to achieve your weight loss goals and prevent weight re-gain.

Imagine what it will feel like when:

  • Your body starts to receive the right amount of Protein, giving you the energy to do life.
  • You are able to feed yourself and the whole family nutritious meals now you have this new understanding of WLS nutrition.
  • You can enjoy the life-long benefits of healthy eating instead of depending on solutions that work temporarily. 
  • Your hair, skin and nails will be lustrous and healthy.
  • You feel like a boss when it comes to meal planning and food label reading.
  • You no longer feel like a failure or ashamed of the weight regain after WLS because you've found your solution.

What would it be worth to you, to fast track your way to achieve your weight loss goals?

Here's what it's meant to others...


I wasn't having enough protein after WLS. I learnt the hard way, but thankfully Margaret sorted me out. And now feeling so much better!


Thanks to Margaret's guidance, I now have my Protein intake under control as I'm now eating my Protein instead of drinking it!
I'm loving the different food choices as my meals are not the same old thing everyday :)

By the end of my Protein eBook & Training:

  • You'll have true understanding of Protein and know the Protein target your body needs.
  • You'll feel a difference within days because your energy level will return, you'll feel better physically and mentally.
  • Your blood pressure will improve, you'll be able to tie your shoelace, you can lift your grandchildren, you will be a better mum/friend/daughter/sister... because you've got more energy and you're in a better headspace.
  • You'll no longer have the fear of weight regain after WLS because you're in control.

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1: Fundamentals of Protein

You'll learn about the importance of Protein, the types of Protein, and how it affects you as someone who has gone through WLS. 

Module 2: Protein Sources

You'll be surprised with the types of food you can find Protein in! Here you'll be able to open up the options of what you can eat to boost your Protein intake. 

Module 3: How to Choose...

With great choices, comes great overwhelm! This module will give you a better idea on how to choose pre-packaged foods at the shops and give you the confidence to know what you're buying. 

Module 4: Getting It Right

Correct application of your knowledge is key. In this practical module, you'll have my professional tips like how to reach your daily Protein target, how to plan out your meals, and more.

Bonus Section: Protein-Rich Recipes

I've put together some delicious Protein-rich recipes that will help give you a head start on creating some amazing meals for you and your family. 

Easy Access to Protein eBook

My comprehensive Protein eBook is a resource that you'd want to have handy to refer to it every now and again to refresh your facts about Protein after WLS.

Here's what's included in
my WLS Protein eBook & Training?

✔️ Comprehensive WLS Protein eBook 

✔️ Access to videos in the Training Portal for 3 months 


Total Value = $249  




One Time Payment


I've Still Got Questions

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Are you ready to get back your energy and ace your Protein intake after WLS?

You are not alone in your Bariatric journey and you deserve to thrive. 

I'll see you on the inside!

👉 Yes! I'm Ready 👈

Are you ready to get back your energy and ace your Protein intake after WLS?

You are not alone in your Bariatric journey and you deserve to thrive.

I'll see you on the inside!

👉 Yes! I'm Ready